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Terms and conditions and related information about the purchase

of images and terms of use

You are strongly advised to read the following before making a purchase

Your use of this website and any materials available herein identifies that you agree to the following

terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms then you should leave this website immediately and

must not use any of the materials available herein, and must not subscribe to this service.

1. Size of image files on this site: Before being uploaded all images are downsized to 2.86

megapixels. This size is suitable for the printing of photos measuring up to 6”x4”.

2. Downloading images: Whenever a download is purchased a link to the purchased image(s)

is automatically and immediately emailed to the customer. Clicking on the link provides

access to images to enable them to be saved to the customer’s computer. The link expires in

30 days. Customers are advised to save the images to their computer within that


3. Copyright symbol: The embedded FeisPix copyright symbol appears on all thumbnails to

remind customers that international law assigns copyright to the photographer and that it

does not transfer copyright ownership to the customer on purchase of a print or a

download. The copyright symbol does not appear on the purchased download image.

4. Use of digital images or prints: Images are for the personal use of customers and are not for

resale, or for publication in electronic media such as websites or in other publications such

as magazines and newspapers, without the prior written permission of FeisPix. Normally we

do not withhold such written permission if the image is credited ‘Photo courtesy of FeisPix’.

But please ask beforehand.

5. Quality of images: The file size of our images is limited to 2.86 megapixel which is suitable

for the printing of photos up to 6”x4”; for example this size has been used for publication in

the press and in the Irish Dance Magazine. Before purchasing a download or print please

ensure you are satisfied with the image quality. In some cases there may be blurring caused

by rapid movement of the subject. Downloading the image does not correct such blurring.

We cannot make refunds to customers dissatisfied with any downloaded images. What you

see is what you get. Remember however that you can manipulate the image yourself once

you have downloaded it to your computer.

6. Correction of images: Downloads are emailed automatically and immediately to customers

and are not corrected in any way. In the case of print purchases the image will be corrected

for colour and exposure and a caption of the relevant event is added. Dancer’s name can

also be added on request. It can also be cropped on request. Images can be further

manipulated, for example, to remove a dancer other than the subject. There may be an

additional charge for this so please ask beforehand.

7. Print sizes: Some print sizes are shown in inches e.g. 6x4, 9x6. The aspect ratio of these inch

sizes is 3:2. Other sizes we supply are metric international sizes such as A5, A4, A3, A2 whose

ratio is broadly similar. We are aware that in North America there may be a preference for

sizes such as 7x5 and 10x8 and this can be important when a client wants to frame a print

but using frame sizes that are widely available in their local store. We can supply any size up

to 60”x30”, and any shape within those dimensions. Please email your unlisted size so that

we can advise on price and suitability.

8. Montage/Collage/Composite: (Our definition of these terms is a single print produced from

several images). We produce a montage of minimum size A4 (12”x8” approx) containing up

to five images. An example of this is shown on the site. We can also produce a bespoke

montage to your specifications, such as images of all a school’s participants at a major event

but superimposed on the stage backdrop. Email your enquiry to us. Our most popular

montages are a central standing image with four action images arranged around the dancer.

9. How to order a montage: If all the images appear on our website just select the central

image, click on A4 montage (or other size required), check out and pay, then email the other

image information to us, e.g. DSC_1234, 2345, 3456, 4567; U11 girls; All Irelands 2012.

10. Longer life print materials: All photo orders up to size A2 are printed in-house by FeisPix on

professional Epson inkjet printers, using Epson high quality papers and original Epson inks.

We do not use cheaper ‘compatible’ materials. This helps to ensure quality, consistency and

longer life. All prints will fade over time but in order to prolong their lifespan you are

strongly advised to protect them from sunlight and atmosphere by storing them in photo

albums. If you display your precious photos remember to frame them under glass or have

them laminated/encapsulated.

11. Delivery time for purchases: Download purchases are immediate and automatic (see 2).

Orders for prints and other goods are dispatched by Royal Mail from the UK within 24 hours.

There are occasions when all FeisPix staff may be engaged at a major event and shipping can

be delayed until the end of that event. Customers are normally informed when such delays

are likely to occur.

12. Refunds: Refunds cannot be made for downloads or prints purchased from this website.

Please ensure you have selected the correct image and that you are satisfied with colour and

exposure before paying and checkout.

Please contact us if you have any queries. We try to respond within 24 hours. At FeisPix we very

much value your custom and we will endeavour to provide you with a high quality service that is

second to none.


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